Standard Persian keyboard

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Of the three major operating systems in current use, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X, the Persian keyboard layout available in Microsoft Windows is most problematic. While Apple now provides a standard Persian layout in addition to its legacy layout in latest versions of Mac OS X (thanks to Michael Everson of Everson Typography), Microsoft has yet to release the standard keyboard layout FarsiWeb provided to Microsoft publicly. In GNU/Linux, keyboard layouts have always been based on the Iranian standard, ISIRI 2901:1994, provided by FarsiWeb.

Recently, the Iranian High Council of Informatics has asked FarsiWeb to revise the Iranian standard for the keyboard layout, to try to be both compatible with the new Unicode-based standard ISIRI 6219:2002 (also developed by FarsiWeb) and backward-compatible with the old ISIRI 2901 standard. The result is a new modern and extended layout, which is in its final states of publication by Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI). While it is theoretically possible for the final published layout to be different from the current pre-final version, FarsiWeb considers such a change to be very improbable.

To use the new keyboard layout on Microsoft Windows, please see the instructions for installing and using the new extended keyboard layout.

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